What’s new for Core Publisher, Analytics Service, Composer 2, and DS Marketing Forms in 2016?

May 5, 2016

For Core Publisher stations, we are launching the next generation of Community Calendar, replacing our old Public Interactive Events platform that we will retire at the end of this summer. We hope that you’ll be able to use the updated events functionality to engage your audience in real life, not just over the air or on your website. For non-Core Publisher stations or those that want more features than the Community Calendar provides, we have evaluated a third party vendor to offer a reduced rate.

After Community Calendar launches in April, we’re going to focus on the story page. Over the past few years, data have proven that the homepage has become less important, as more and more engagement happens at the story-page level through search and social referrals.

We will be researching all the elements of the story page, from headlines and photo positions to social interactions and related stories. We want to update this page to maximize the number of first-time visitors we convert to engaged regular users and eventually sustaining members of their local station.  We have all of these story page improvements tracked and measured in the Station Analytics System. We anticipate measurable increases in Core Publisher site’s engagement metrics.

As always, standard caveats apply with road maps. We hope to accomplish many things this year, and account for shifts in priorities and resources. This means we are open and listening to stations and others to inform our work.

For the Analytics Service, we are going to add program-level reporting for on-demand audio measurement within the Station Analytics Service to better support your podcast efforts. We are looking at adding an enhancement to the tag management system that would allow stations to insert third party tracking tags into products. We are working to create weekly emails with your station’s key performance indicators delivered to your inbox. We ran a pilot providing emails to stations last year, which were successful increasing awareness of metrics within the stations, and increased use of the Station Analytics System. And we will expand on the digital conversion study to help discover how digital interactions can drive loyalty and membership growth. All of this helps us create a world where we can be more data-driven as we make our digital decisions. The Analytics Service team is continuing to do PubMetrics twice each year, and we encourage joining the monthly webinars to tune in for systems trends and analysis.

For DS Marketing Forms, we’re working on some new features to support station revenue goals in time for Fall pledge drives. During May, we will test a new Sustainer Upsell feature that invites donors to add a monthly sustainer membership to their one-time donation. Later this summer, we plan to preview a new Pledge Challenge feature that show donors how their donation directly contributes to a station's pledge goals, such as a challenge amount or number of new donors. We also expect to release a multi-variate (A/B) form test tool that will alternate different form versions to donors to help stations see which form components have the highest impact on revenue. Lastly, we are reviewing feedback from stations to inform some updates to existing features such as our real-time pledge reports and some small update to the user experience of the form. We will continue to prioritize defects around payment processing as our top priority to resolve as quickly as possible.

For Composer 2, we are going to improve the syndication process for managing large import files from show producers so the tool doesn’t break, especially during SoundExchange reporting windows.