What's new in StationConnect

May 12, 2016

Local content plays a big part in the success of apps like NPR One and on sites like the NPR Podcast Directory, so providing stations ease of entry to participate is a major driving factor in our updates to StationConnect.  

We want to ensure that your station has a local brand, content and presence in the NPR digital ecosystem, and the simplest way to do it is by updating your assets in a single place, StationConnect.

The NPR One Local development team has been working hard to update StationConnect to make it easier for stations to utilize this tool.  Recently we have made the following updates:

Membership Lead Reports

Reports have now been optimized to download quicker and are available by month.  Stations also have the option of selecting multiple months worth of reports in a single download.

Help Text

Help is now available by hovering over the info button

StationConnect now includes in-line help on the Station edit page, when you hover over the ‘info’ buttons, you will see the help window pop up, with links to additional documentation and our support center.

Audio Playback

The player in StationConnect has been updated and we have added the ‘Replace’ button - enabling users to overwrite existing audio files that were uploaded previously.

Link Validation Error Messaging
StationConnect validates all of your URLs, so you will know immediately if the URL provided contains a typo or is not reachable, which should reduce linking issues.

New Stream Format Accepted - Shoutcast
Shoutcast content streams are now accepted in StationConnect

Streams Can Be Associated With Multiple Stations
Stations can have more than one org as primary stream for Content Streams

Visit StationConnect today to check out these new features and more.


Contact Stations Relations with any questions by emailing nprone@ds.npr.org.