Tuesday was the big day for the Battleground blog, our experiment to aggregate coverage from a small group of stations across the country into a single live feed. We already know and believe that stations produce exceptionally good reporting, even inside the breaking news pressure cooker. We also know and believe that some of this content is relevant to a national audience.

So before we went all in on a system-wide effort, we wanted to test a few things on a smaller scale: 

11 Stations to Contribute to Battleground

Nov 5, 2012

As we mentioned last week, Digital Services will launch an election night blog aggregating NPR​ member station reporting on important races and initiatives from from across the country. These are the states, stations and issues we’ll be following:


Have you heard about Battleground? We'll be aggregating reporting on important races and initiatives from NPR Member Stations, and making it available in an experimental live-blog on election night. Click here for more details.

Now... here's the latest on Battleground from the Newsroom at NPR in Boston:

First of all, please note that 1) Teresa is not faking that phone call, and 2) Eric is happy to be here.

Election night is a national story that plays out in states around the country. We’re trying to capture that narrative through an experiment called Battleground -- a live blog of the election that’s made up of local station content. The editorial team at Digital Services will be aggregating stories from select stations across the country into a single live feed of local content that’s nationally relevant.