Last week was our monthly analytics webinar, where we gather together the top insights across the system on both audience and engagement. 

As you might expect, election coverage was a big focus for the system this month, and we broke down  audience consumption of election coverage, as well as its impact on retention rate. And the results are significant: politics and election coverage had more than double the one-week retention rate of the previous 12 weeks. 

Heather Bryant

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The dog days of summer are upon us.  It’s August, it’s hot, and it feels like everyone but you is on vacation.  What better way to pass the time, than to revisit the webinars of 2012.

Please find, for your viewing pleasure, our webinars on writing for the web, social media, investigative journalism and photography.

NPR librarian Katie Daugert shares good research and fact-checking practices, including how to evaluate online sources and get better search results using Google.

In this webinar, Senior Producer for Multimedia, Keith Jenkins, explains the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to navigating the visual frontier.  Keith discusses what types of photographs to use for engaging storytelling, how to legally acquire the best photos, and the ethics of using photography in print and online.

What makes a good photo?  What are tips for taking better photos?  How do images work together to tell a story?  This video covers 5 tips for taking better images and the secret to visual storytelling.

Writing for the Web [VIDEO]

Jun 1, 2012

Our weekly webinar series continues over the next three weeks with a repeat of our web writing module.  We will revisit webifying scripts, writing headlines and original content for the web, and aggregation best practices.  

(Editor's note: These webinars have concluded, please find links to the recordings below.  Updated June 2012)

Fresh Air Associate Producer Melody Kramer presented to member stations as part of NPR Digital Services Knight Foundation training

Below are the following: Melody's slides, a video recording of the presentation and a Storify of the live tweets.

Did you miss it? You did, didn't you? Go here.


Original post:

Melody Kramer, Associate Producer at Fresh Air, is the woman behind the show's online success. She will spend an hour showing what she does, explaining how she does it and taking your questions.

You won't want to miss it.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid missing it: 

The 7 Steps to Twitter Dominance [VIDEO]

May 17, 2012

How do you build an audience on Twitter? How can you use it to spread your content to new places? How can you get your stories in front of influencers? This video covers the 7 steps to Twitter Dominance.

The Social Life of an On Point Show [VIDEO]

May 17, 2012

We take you through the social media process of WBUR’s On Point.

Please note: some of this information and directions may be outdated. Much of it has been updated in our new series on digital strategy for public radio shows. If you have any questions, please email DS-Editorial@npr.org. You can find the latest, here

Creating Collaborative Partnerships [VIDEO]

May 17, 2012

In a webinar with stations, Alicia Cypress, web editor for NPR's investigative team, discusses successful collaboration with inside and outside news organizations.  She talks about different kinds of partnerships, things to think about when deciding whether to partner and provides examples from NPR's investigative unit on how they partner with outside media organizations, member stations and across departments to expand and strengthen their stories.

In a webinar with stations, Margot Williams, NPR News Investigations database correspondent, showed the steps she takes when digging for information online. 

We use GoToMeeting for our training webinars. GoTo is great -- it allows you to watch the webinar, ask questions through a chat box, talk to the presenter. But it does have some quirky tendencies.  Our goal with this post is to make the technical steps as painless as possible so that you can focus on the presentation and avoid doing something like this.

Writing for the Web [VIDEO]

Apr 3, 2012

You can find the recorded webinars from the following web writing sessions below: 

Coming Soon: Weekly Training Webinars

Feb 7, 2012

All of our training session are developed around modules that last anywhere from 2-5 weeks -- typically one hour a week. You can attend modules that fit your schedule and skill set. However, we highly encourage you to take an entire module, since each week’s lesson builds on the previous week. Think of each module as a planned curriculum that develops over time. Each module is comprehensive and can be paired with any other module. These sessions are open to anyone. Modules are limited to 30 attendees per session.