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Making an impact with your local coverage takes more than creating great content. Stations also need to be able to share that content with readers and listeners across devices and platforms. NPR Digital Services builds tools and products to help stations reach both of these goals. We provide enterprise-level tools to help stations create, deliver and distribute their local content everywhere.

Our products are designed to help NPR stations reach and engage their audiences wherever they may be accessing their content.

Create StateImpact Features in Core Publisher

Sep 3, 2013

You will find some of StateImpact's recommendations for how you can duplicate some of those features (including maps, charts and graphs, tables, document viewers, images, topic pages, pages, featured posts) on your station site.

Sprint Release Notes 8/14/2013

Aug 14, 2013

Thanks to your participation, our updated approach to Composer 2 Migration is in full swing.  We're excited to launch our first cycle live in Composer 2 next week!  With this cycle, we're also happy to announce the launch of several new features.

During this sprint we have made the following updates:
•    edit start time and added flexibility in playlist entry
•    multi day import functionality
•    export ability
•    create and manage host accounts

See additional details below.

Over the last few sprints we have made the following updates and fixes:

  • fixed Top Referrers in Analytics Dashboard
  • moved the Core Pub codebase to Git
  • updated "170 Million" block branding
  • added program list from Composer 2
  • moved everyone to the new audio upload process
  • fixed top banner alignment

See additional details below. 

Fixed Top Referrers

Migrating to Composer 2!

Aug 2, 2013

Calling all Composer Pro Users! We are excited to improve your schedule and playlist experience by upgrading your station to Composer 2 now. 

Join The NPR Story API Listserv

Jul 17, 2013

We are pleased to announce the creation of a developer-focused listserv for all things NPR API.

On this listserv, your technical staff can:

Composer 2: Schedule & Playlist Widgets

May 28, 2013

Last month, we announced that Composer 2 was ready to start rolling out to stations and included some videos that show how Composer 2 works for station managers and hosts. In this post, we'll show you how to install widgets on your website that can display the schedules and playlists you enter in Composer 2 for listeners that visit your site.

The "widgets" section of Composer 2 creates live previews of the widgets we offer, along with some basic customization options and embed code.

The following updates were made to Core Publisher this week:

Station Analytics System

Core Publisher stations are now ready to move over to SAS tracking. We will be moving stations to SAS tracking over the next few days. Along with this comes some additional data in Google Analytics, namely author, tag, and keyword popularity. And much more to come. Stay tuned.

We will not be holding our bi-weekly sprint review webinar this afternoon.

And an update on recent work, which will go live the evening of Wednesday, May 8.

Composer 2 Now Available

Apr 19, 2013

We are very excited to share that Composer 2 is now available to stations!

New and Improved Features in Composer 2

Digital Services Releases WordPress Plugin V1.3

Apr 9, 2013

We at Digital Services are happy to announce that V1.3 of our WordPress plugin is now available for your use.  This latest version of the plugin will support the WordPress feature that allows administrators for a multi-site installation to install plugins from one network admin screen and have the plugin available for all of the sites supported by their single WordPress installation.  

V1.3 of this plugin is available under the main/master branch at

The following updates were made to Core Publisher this week:

Audio Fix

We have expanded the group of stations testing a fix to improve the processing of audio in posts. The fix is now live on Michigan Radio, State of Opportunity, WWNO, WBFO, WRTI, KBIA, and KCUR (Thank You!)

Thanks to the real-world testing by these stations we uncovered and fixed a defect in the update causing audio to break on aggregation pages such as category, program and topic pages.

We will not be holding our bi-weekly sprint review webinar this afternoon. All fixes and features will be going live via code push this evening.

Audio in Posts Fix

Testing has gone very well. We will be rolling this new process out (how we push audio to servers) to an additional subset of stations this week before we deploy it across all stations.

Mobile Slideshows

Slideshows on post pages will now show up on mobile sites.

Defect Addressed:

We will not be holding our bi-weekly sprint review webinar this afternoon. All fixes and features will be going live via hotfixes over the next few days. In addition, some of the work covered in this sprint does not require a code change.

Defects Addressed:

This week and next the following updates are being made to the Core Publisher system through a series of hot fixes versus a large code push:

Twitter Cards

We have begun "white-listing" sites for inclusion in the Twitter Card program, fro the Twitter app and site. The Twitter Card program provides a preview of the full site on Twitter when a URL is shared in a tweet.

Introduction to Core Publisher Webinar

Jan 11, 2013

Core Publisher is an editorially-focused content management system that puts your news and audio at the forefront of your site, and designed to support diverse promotional, membership and underwriting needs. Designed specifically for public radio, it includes a flexible, responsive presentation template with native integration with the NPR Story API enabling content syndication across the public radio digital ecosystem. 

We will not be holding our bi-weekly sprint review webinar this afternoon. The past sprint focused on continuing our work to increase and improve the regression tests we execute. These tests run in the background all the time, and are meant to alert us to any unexpected changes to existing functionality when updates and enhancements are added to Core Publisher.

Live Blog: Battleground

Nov 7, 2012

**Refresh this page often for the latest updates.**

A quick head's up on what this is. The Battleground is an aggregation of NPR member stations' content produced during election night. It's curated by the staff at NPR Digital Services, including Eric Athas, Teresa Gorman, Will Snyder, Kim Perry and Erin Teare Martin. The list of participating stations and states is posted at the bottom.

If you are following the Battleground Blog or curious about what we do behind the scenes for big events; check out our updates on our Tumblr page.

Election night is less than a week away!  Here’s a quick rundown of resources from NPR Digital Services to help you prepare for the big night online.