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With an editorially-focused presentation, the Core Publisher content management system natively integrates with NPR APIs and Composer 2, provides a CDN for audio, and serves as a basic promotional tool for marketers and membership teams. Core Publisher provides a simple way to distribute digital content to a station’s' audience and the public media system, while supporting best practices for digital first content production.

Watch a video to learn about Core Publisher as a CMS and discover if it is right for your station.

Core Publisher Responsive Design January 2015 Update

Feb 2, 2015

Thank you to all of the stations that were able to join us for the Responsive theme update for Core Publisher webinar. 

In this webinar we discussed:

So you have a newly designed Core Publisher web site that's responsive and looks beautiful. 

Here are some things to keep in mind when you're creating stories in Core Publisher (or any content management system) to make sure you get the most out of it.

The Core Publisher development team has been working hard to introduce a fully functioned responsive web theme. Over the past few months a handful of sites have moved to this new theme which provides a cleaner look and allows a consistent experience across devices. While we can't share sites confidential details, we can point to a few positive trends that we have seen post launch.

Responsive Graphics In Core Publisher With Pym.js

Jan 5, 2015

Over time, many member stations have created maps, graphics and other projects for their websites that were sized to fit Core Publisher’s fixed-width layout. But with the responsive mobile-only sites, and Core Publisher going to a fully responsive design, these elements either don’t work or won’t resize correctly to the screen. Now you can use Pym.js to iframe responsively-built projects within Core Publisher stories.

Core Publisher Update

Here's a quick update on the Core Publisher team's focus and information about a few changes we pushed this week in both the Responsive Design and in all Core Publisher themes.

Responsive Theme Updates:  

Embedding NPR Elections Tumblr Into Core Publisher

Nov 3, 2014

Following up on a recent note to outline NPR Election Night coverage from Member Partnership, we wanted to specifically detail how to embed the NPR Politics Tumblr into a Core Publisher post or page.

Core Publisher Release Notes 9/26/14

Sep 26, 2014

Core Publisher Update

Dear Stations, 

Here's a quick update on the Core Publisher team's focus and information about a few changes we pushed this week.

Feature Updates:  

  • Layout Manager - We are currently updating the layout manager for the new responsive theme. While there are no functionality changes for stations with the modular homepage, the layout manager will have a different look, which will include a scrollable bullpen.

Defects - Fixed:  

Core Publisher Release Notes 9/12/14

Sep 12, 2014

Core Publisher Update

Dear Stations, 

Quick update on the team's focus and information about a few changes we pushed last week.

Responsive Design:

  • The team is now building homepage management tools and newly designed homepage blocks. We will be holding a webinar at the end of September to show you work completed. 

Player Changes:

  • Standarized the inline audio player across all themes. This morning changed the copy to "Listen" based on station feedback. 


Core Publisher Responsive Theme FAQs

Aug 14, 2014

These are questions asked during the FY2015 Core Publisher  webinar. We expect to continue adding to this list as more questions come up. 

Is this Responsive Redesign phase only for certain stations?  Our station site is currently using a modular template for our homepage, not a river-style template.

Core Publisher Release Notes 5/22/14

May 22, 2014

Core Publisher Update

Dear Stations, 

Quick update on a few fixes and a reminder to attend next week's CP demo. 

Last night we fixed the following issues: 

Core Publisher Release Notes 5/8/14

May 8, 2014

Core Publisher Update

Dear Stations, 

We're writing today to let you know about the upcoming "State of Responsive and CP" sprint demo you may be interested in attending and our most recent updates to Core Publisher. 

"State of Responsive and CP" Sprint Demo

This month we will have a show and tell of all the work we've done on the new responsive theme with a special focus on posts.

Join us! Wednesday, May 28 from 3-4 PM ET.  

Reserve your spot here:

Core Publisher and Responsive Web Design: Roadmap

Mar 24, 2014

NPR Digital Services is in the process of launching a responsive redesign of Core Publisher.  In addition to the alpha and beta pilots, all Core Publisher stations will get new features over the next few months as part of our core goal to provide value to stations throughout the redesign process. Some features such as new slideshows are related to the redesign efforts, while others  such as improvements to the “auto retrieve and categorize tool” are not. 

Core Publisher and Responsive Web Design: An Intro

Mar 24, 2014

2014 marks a major initiative for NPR Digital Services -- the responsive redesign of Core Publisher. With all the things we could be doing at Digital Services and all the work we could be doing on Core Publisher in particular, here’s why we are choosing to focus our resources on a responsive redesign of Core Publisher.

Core Publisher and Responsive Web Design: Goals

Mar 24, 2014

2014 marks a major initiative for NPR Digital Services -- the responsive redesign of Core Publisher.

(This is article two of three. Read about Why We Are Doing a Redesign Now and the Redesign Roadmap for more info.)

Office Hours: Publishing Content from the NPR API

Sep 20, 2013

Just this week we held our first Core Publisher Office hour. We are using office hours to cover specific "How Tos" in Core Publisher and also have an open Q&A session,  discussing any other questions you have about how the product functions. 

If you have a topic you'd like covered in the next few months, add your topic ideas here.

Request Topics for Discussion During Core Publisher Office Hours

Core Publisher Office Hours Are Here

Sep 12, 2013

We are excited to announce a new way for us - Digital Services and Stations - to share ideas; ask questions; and collaborate around tips and tricks on using existing features within Core Publisher.  We’re providing office hours with your friendly product owner, Erin Teare Martin, and the Station Relations team!

Story Headlines from the NPR API Will Now Update

Jul 8, 2013

We’ve made an important change to how API stories update when you publish them on your Core Publisher site.

Beginning tomorrow, when you post a story from the API, whenever the original publisher changes the story and/or the headline, the story and headline will also change on your site. Before today, the story would change but the headline wouldn’t.

Why was this the case?

You’ve heard the saying: “That’s not a bug, that’s a feature.

The following updates were made to Core Publisher this week:

Station Analytics System

Core Publisher stations are now ready to move over to SAS tracking. We will be moving stations to SAS tracking over the next few days. Along with this comes some additional data in Google Analytics, namely author, tag, and keyword popularity. And much more to come. Stay tuned.